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Where vision and imagination becomes intertwined with sight and seeing.

Imagineering Public Space

Henk Oosterling wrote an analyses of the possible relationships between art and public space, in which he proposes a shift in thinking about the practice of public art, moving away from ‘artwork and artist’ towards ‘artworking’ as an active verb.* ‘Public space as art’, ‘art in public ‘, ‘art of the public’ and ‘art as a public space’ are potential forms of exchange between artist, comissioner and citizens.
‘Artworking’ as an engaging activity could democratise the proces of artistic decisionmaking; the artwork itself and the process of artproduction, become topic of public negotiation, and as such a domain for discussion and imagination on how public space should function or can be used. Artworks should no longer be conceptionalised as invaders of public space, but offer opportunities to visualise the often invisible potenials of a neighbourhood. A short summary in fragments: Continue Reading


Superchannel is a project by the Danish artist collective Superflex. The channel is a network of independent channels run by people, local communities, and organisations that use streaming media for communication, discussion and presentation.
“The intention with the Superchannel is to implement the internet-tv-tool in different environmental and social contexts. We specialise in supporting existing cultural, social and political networks who want to use internet-tv as a supplementing media to communicate and create awareness around activities, interests and professions.”
The website collects all broadcasts which have been made so far, ranging from the inexhaustable Tenantspin channel to contemporary-art oriented channels such as Super-Friedrich, The Modern Channel and Europa.
In local sphere, Superchannel puts the tool to create and distribute media in the hands of the individuals to realize their interests related to their channel.

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