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R+R in De Ochtend

A 5 minute radio report of the Routes+Routines surveillance walk of April 7 was broadcast on VRT Radio1 in the program ‘De ochtend’ on April 13 2011. (Dutch spoken)

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Routes+Routines Recyclart

4 R+R walks in the center of Brussels. Starting from Recyclart, 4 x 10 participants followed a walk along different aspects of camera surveillance.

Description on page Recyclart:,fr/

ingredients of the walk:

– radio controlled car fitted with small camera, mimicking the Lunar Rover
– balloons fitted with small camera, mimicking Google satelite
– capture wireless surveillance video, tv, and other 2.4ghz video signals
– visit Parking Panorama, discuss panorama painting and 360 degrees camera’s
– show ‘the making of’ video about ‘A street with a view’
– distribute Ambient tv’s ‘CCTV Filmmakers Manifesto’

Download the PDF of the handout given to the participants.

All images can be found on the CONSTANT Gallery
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