Offline skills of encrypting

With the many digital posibilities which are available for encrypting messages one would almost forget the analogue technique of backmasking.
In the seventies backmasking became populair as a method for proving that rockbands were hiding satanic messages in their music. By spinning vinyls backwards one could discover Freddy Mercury singing “It’s fun to smoke marijuana”, The Beatles anouncing the death of Paul mc Cartney and Led Zeppelin singing an ode to their “sweet Satan”. Recently Marilyn Manson fans have refined the classic technique of backmasking and find out their hero hides all kinds of uninteresting reversed messages in his music.

Since the 1950’s subliminal advertising has been a topic for discussion. Invisible and hardly audible hidden messages would nestle themselves in our subcontious minds. Coca cola and several popcorn brands were accused of increasing their sales by including ultra short advertising messages in films.
Subliminal advertising in the shape of backmasking functions at its best when it is applied to non-technological verbal communication, for the simple reason that when a message is not recorded, it can not be played backwards, and so the subliminal advertising will not reveal itself.

If you want to start practicing live verbal subliminal advertising it might be wise to improve your speaking skills. The Backchat trainingtool will guide you in learning to speak backwards.

Maybe you want to become a backmasking detective? In that case you can not do without a reverse tape recorder .