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Demo description
Walk the line: 7 8 9

Standing on the Ninoofse Steenweg at Metro Gare de l’Ouest facing North, turn left into Rue Verheyen. You can pick up the borderline after it has passed through the buildings of SCA Packaging, situated on the Rue Verheyen number 18-28. Having seen that here the border is safely surveilled by a company who’s packaging solutions are improving the quality of everyday life, and will not let dogs illegally trespass from Molenbeek to Anderlecht over its terrain, you can walk the borderline for 50 meters before again seeing it disappear in another fenced off terrain (11 on the map) between the building of Globe Transport, Agence en Douane et Transport and the West Office Center on number 39 which is easily recognisable by the logo of AEG on top of the building; the company with a daily concern about Service.

Turn right on the R.S. Denayerstraat, right again on Chaussee de Ninove, where on your right hand, the Molenbeek borderline emerges from the passage next to the General Yachting Center. (12 on the map)

It crosses the Ninoofse Steenweg, cuts through the Total petrol station and passes through a big building hosting numerous companies.

On many locations like these where the borderline passes through semi-public space or industrial terrains, I face a dilemma: Should I keep walking the border untill it becomes physically impossible, or should I stop where public space ends? For the moment I keep a pragmatic approach, and let the situation at hand decide what I should do. To make sure I will reach the end of my route I will not linger too much in this phase of the walk. So instead of entering the shopping mall to find out which shop has the dubious honour to host the borderline, I stay in the safe, turn around and walk the Ninoofse Steenweg in the direction of Place Henri de Smet.