Dilbeek -> Zaadstraat

Demo description
Walk the line: 8 9

From the Ninoofse Steenweg, we turn right and enter the Dilbeekstraat. A bit hard to find since the street names are gone. A descending street with yellow brick houses with big gardens.

There is a sandy footpath on your left hand. When you go in and turn around facing the Dilbeekstraat, the borderline between Molenbeek and Anderlecht passes in front of you.
On the Falkplan map of Brussels which I use, this footpath is marked as a road without a name, and it extends on the other side of the Rue Dilbeek. The maps by De Rouck or Michelin do not mark any road on this location. In the street itself, there is no visible trace of changes to the streetplan made in the past.

The next junction is the Zaadstraat. This street might be difficult to locate, since its nameplate has disappeared from the actual site. Here the borderline crosses, and enters the house bordering a green abandoned lot, which, looking at the aged state of the sign attached to the right wall telling us that it is ‘forbidden to enter the works’ has been vacant for a while. Proceed on the Dilbeekstraat and turn left on the Rue de la Laiterie.